Freelance Now masterclass curriculum:


Embrace the blank page. Before you start my masterclass, you’ll sweep the area for landmines that might sabotage a full-time freelance gig. You’ll identify relationships and connections you (surprisingly) already have in place to support you and design a routine that includes productive creative time and everything else you need to be happy. Working independently isn’t rocket science. But having a clear head and a smart plan will make your success more sustainable. 


I love you, Money. Creating solid work clients love is rewarding. But you’re in this to make a living, fund some travel and maybe put a kid or two in college, right? In this module, you’ll confirm the salary needed to cover your monthly nut, break down how you’re going to earn it and make it flow into all the right places. You’ll also flip your relationship with money from frenemy to BFF so it sticks around and always has your back.


Who do you want to work with? In this module, you’ll make that as clear as an ideal client diamond. You’ll also uncover the pain points and emerging industry trends that challenge your ideal client—so you can be their freelance superhero. 


Nice to meet you, how can you help me? In this module, you’ll find your sweet spot—the services you love offering that your ideal client craves like caramel creams. Through a few exercises, you’ll create content about you and your services to use on your LinkedIn profile (which needs updating BTW) and draft an About page that connects your experiences with the wish lists of your ideal client for your website (up next!). 


Ahhhhh creating case studies for your portfolio website. Knowing you want to do this as much as an ultra-marathon, I’ve broken it out one-lap-at-a-time to keep you focused and the wind at your back. After we review your creative work and develop a portfolio strategy together, you’ll craft smart case studies that align with the services you offer and make your ideal client swoon. You’ll also create an execution plan for your portfolio website—who will build it, the platform it will be built on and supporting resources you’ll need to pull it off (you’ll exhale deeeeply when you see it on paper). Work in this module will be ongoing and you’ll have 2 weeks to dig in before we move on to module 5. 


Button up the business side. You ace creative all day long, you gotta ace this too. For your clients—and the IRS. This module sets you up to estimate, invoice and keep your books like a baller. We’ll cover HR things, IT things and FAQ about LLC and S-CORP. Maybe you’re a natural at this stuff, maybe not. You’ll make it as second nature as that second cup of coffee.


Don’t take ‘being out on your own’ too literally. You still need the gut check, feedback and inspiration you got from “people who get me” at your full-time job. This module focuses on cultivating a new garden of cohorts, collaborators and mentors IRL who will provoke ideas, keep you on your game and give you a reason to wash your hair and iron a shirt once in a while. We’ll also cover connecting with your ideal client (eww, self promotion). You’ll get past that sickening cringe in the gut with tools for organically touting your talents in your own voice and create an easy, breezy business card ready to deploy.