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Creative career need sorting out? > Let's get to it.

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I worked with Anne to reset the big picture. Her focused, intention-oriented questions led me through the morass of self-doubt and overthinking. It wasn’t easy, but thankfully I had a really good sherpa on my team.
— Angie Jernejcic, Art Director + Designer

feeling stuck or adrift when you think about work?

I’m good at finding the clear way through to what you want. So let’s ditch the yet-to-be-named obstacle between you and a happy creative career and life.

Yet-to-be-named obstacles can take many forms:

  • feeling disconnected from your work

  • a specific skill you don’t have that you need to grow

  • being told ‘to step it up a notch’ at your last review

  • peers are passing you by

  • work and life are out of balance

  • you’re done with your current gig and want a new one

  • industry grind is wearing you down and you don’t have a plan for what’s next

  • an invisible force field is holding you back from the work you really want to do

Anne surfaces your core barriers to success and provides the insight for self-guided resolution.
— Carlie Fishgold, Strategist, Article Group

Questioning your next move? Sit down and talk with Anne first. She’s an objective and thoughtful thinker who will guide you to a positive outcome.
— Tim Wainwright, Producer/Director/DP - Icon Films


don’t put it off any longer. make the grass greener under your own feet.


Below are ways we can work together:

3-session coaching pack / $599  

During our 3 weekly, 60-minute sessions together, we’ll examine and clarify the sticky issue and design a strategy to get you out into the light again. Each session you’ll have an assignment that will keep you moving and feeling productive.


9-session power shift pack / $1,699

During our 9 60-minute sessions together, we’ll name what’s in the way, design a plan to get beyond it and work together to roll that plan out step by liberating step. Each session you’ll have homework that will keep you moving and feeling productive. We’ll work in 3-week bursts so you have time for a deeper dive homework-wise between weeks 3-4 and 6-7.


Workshops for work groups

Does your team have all they need to do great work for your clients? If not, I can design a 2- to 4-hour workshop to introduce or refresh a skill set, improve internal work flow and collaboration or even to brainstorm ideas for a specific project. My fee will be based on the complexity and amount of content that needs to be created so let’s talk.

Anne’s experience, energy and thoughtfulness make her the perfect coach for any team seeking inspiring development. Every word she speaks resonates long after the session is over.
— Ryan Denissoff, Harris Corporation

ready to get started? if you’d like more information or have questions, send me a note and we can set up a time to talk.