i'm anne esse

A curious, buttoned-up optimist ready to delight you with smart work.

Anne Esse portrait

need to look at something with a fresh pair of eyes? we should talk. 

As a freelance creative director and designer, I can bring your creative strategy to life (or help you craft one), sort out your complex project or be that extra brain (with pair of hands) you need in the room.

As a creative career coach, I get you. I can help you through challenges in your creative career because I’ve moved through many myself like:

  • feeling like an impostor as a young designer right out of school

  • making gut-wrenching choices as a senior art director inside a toxic agency

  • being seduced out of freelance for an ego-stroking gig as an agency ACD

  • going back to freelance to become a more available (and sane) mom

  • saying yes to scary new opportunities like teaching design students and training to become a coach

  • building and writing this website myself (yaaas)

Seriously, let’s talk. I’d love to know what you’re up to and how I can help you make it even better. If you’re extra curious, you can learn more about me on my LinkedIn page.