tru by nicole

Dare freely. Tru by Nicole jewelry, healing crystals and soul alignment sessions are for the woman who dares to be who she truly is. Never faint of heart, she is bold, brave and powerful—and owns it. My creative collaborator on this project was writer Robin Lohkamp. 



The Tru by Nicole brand had been around for a decade exclusively offering jewelry to a handful of faithful clients she knew personally, who found her semi-precious baubles in a local spa and yoga studio. To grow her mostly fashion-inspired brand to include wellness and healing (and push beyond local retail clients), she needed to stand out from competitors with similar offerings and educate an audience who didn’t truly understand the benefits of healing crystals and soul alignment sessions.


After conducting research that provided both competitor and audience insights, we created a well-defined and cohesive brand personality offering a compelling invitation—to dare freely. The brand re-launch included: identity design, collateral, POS materials and a landing page.