paychex HR

Risky business. Paychex is proactive in its approach to managing a prospective client’s HR needs. Using powerful tech and human support, they keep clients HR savvy. Freelance writer Dan Mulcahy and I collaborated on this project for Bush Communications. 



Being unaware of new labor laws, rate hikes on benefits and other HR concerns can be risky for a small to midsize business. Paychex HR was offering Q&A sessions in cities across the USA to educate and help reduce risk exposure. We needed to convince small business owners they urgently needed to attend one.


Create an online video series dramatizing just how risky it really is not being on your HR game. Not wanting to cause panic in the streets, we chose ridiculous daredevil behavior from the past to keep it light. A DM campaign, eblasts and landing page (to sign up) supported efforts to get the word out. The videos went viral among business HR types, lively sessions were well-attended and everyone slept more soundly.