identity design


rochester fringe festival

What the Fringe? An annual event celebrating the diverse, creative spirit of known and emerging performing artists.

high falls film festival

A leap of faith. An annual film festival celebrating cutting-edge independent films created by women.


The Catalyst Effect: combine intelligence, intuition and insight to create, manage and anticipate change in today’s direct marketing landscape.


Open to the people. An architectural firm in Rochester, NY, with a love for creating happy buildings in both the retro and modern aesthetic.



Let the light in. A mixed-use development in Reston, VA, with mid-century modern-inspired architecture. This logo was created for my client Gold Dog Communications.

black & blue

More, please. An upscale restaurant that sets the standard for steak and seafood in Rochester, NY.


All are welcome. A vibrant community school dedicated to the joy of making music and moving to it.  

little house red

Warm inside. Kitchen and table fashions designed and created with love—and a touch of regality.

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