Hi there. clariti® 1 day by CooperVision is a super-advanced contact lens for wearers who live with a smile on their face, a wave at the ready and a youthful exuberance. Freelance writer Julie Garland Clementi and I collaborated on this project for our client Born Collective.



Who is the ultimate clariti® lens wearer and how is clariti® different from another 1-day lens in the CooperVision portfolio? Prescribing doctors were confused. We needed to get them emotionally connected to clariti® so they could align a brand persona (and health benefits) with the right patients.


Create an authentically happy, well-defined and cohesive brand personality for clariti® 1 day that catches the attention of doctors and makes it easy for sales reps to discuss it with clients. Using online, print, tradeshow and collateral tools (and a brand storybook to inspire future work!), smart, sunny clariti® 1 day was born.