Pure power. Who knew a codfish enzyme from deep in the icy North Atlantic possessed amazing healing properties? In formulas that make treating a pet’s skin and teeth issues easy, Kalvatin speeds up healing, relieves pet discomfort, and reduces the need for expensive (and potentially dangerous) anesthesia-based dental surgery. Writer Joe Moore and I collaborated on this project with Sway Marketing.



Creating legitimacy with vets and pet owners around the effectiveness and benefits of an obscure natural treatment extracted from deep-sea cod.


For pet owners, position Kalvatin as giving them power to easily treat health issues so they can enjoy a higher quality of life with their pets. For vets, align with their desire for innovation and effective wellness benefiting both patients and their practice. They could now offer an all-natural treatment that provides relief for pets (and their owners) and frees up time for other care so they can become more profitable. The brand/product launch included identity design, package design, collateral, print trade ads, a tradeshow booth and a landing page.