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if you love being a creative pro but want more freedom and flexibility in your life, my 6-module masterclass, Freelance Now, will get you organized, energized and prepared to work with clients you love.

What can my Freelance Now masterclass do for you?

You’ll move from “OMG, how the hell am I going to pull this off” to “I got this!” as you create a buttoned-up freelance business loaded with creative projects you love and the flex time you need for your kids, your Cross-Fit and those 3-day weekends that help manage your stress eating. 

This 7-week masterclass will help you:

  • Define your brand and your offering as an indie creative pro

  • Identify clients you’d love to work with

  • Build a portfolio website that attracts projects you love the most

  • Set a salary that covers the life you want

  • Create a community loaded with wisdom and inspiration

  • Become a whiz at estimates, invoicing and bookkeeping

  • Be productive so there’s time for what gives you joy

 Going indie doesn’t mean going it alone.

Absolutely work with Anne if you’re a creative going on your own. Her process is thoughtful and organized. This course was a huge game-changer for my life and I’m not exaggerating.
— Karen Ver Steeg, Art Director

3 reasons going freelance with my Freelance Now masterclass is a smart idea:

It’s loaded with nearly 20 years of freelance wisdom: nuggets of gold from my indie creative career instantly become yours

You’ll have a mentor who has your back moving through the curriculum with you: super rare when you take a non-traditional path in this creative field

Access to content designed exclusively for a creative pro like you: in your reference arsenal forever